jesse vanderpol

front-end developer / web designer

Hi, I’m Jesse. I love to learn. My jungle gym is the front end. I’m happiest when I get to build new and exciting things with talented people.


Igor Control Interface

A desktop accessible website which allows users to customize and control the Igor lighting software. The site is Microsoft MVC and WebAPI on the backend which is accessed using JavaScript to deliver page updates and issue commands without the need to reload the page in the browser.


Social Money GoalSaver

A "white-label" product which allows banks to have their own goals-based savings product. This is a single-page-application built on jQuery and KnockoutJS. The data is delivered via a custom API which, once downloaded, bound to the appropriate templates via KnockoutJS.


SmartyPig OneClick

A chrome browser extension that allows users to quickly create savings goals on SmartyPig while they browse their favorite shopping sites. Consists of a JavaScript page parser and interfaces with an existing API for authentication and creation of new goals


PhilanthroPig a white-label fundraising tool.

Allowed non-profit organizations to quickly & easily set up a social network focused, fundraising campaign. They could customize the look & feel, engage their users & encourage them to help in the fundraising activities.


Kraft Recipes by Email

A weekly email newsletter that contained seasonal, easy & quick to make recipes for busy recipients to prepare through out the week.